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Embodying a character, a role, interpreting a brand, bringing it to life... Actions that look alike. Whether the story be light-hearted or serious, amusing or moving, we need to convince. Build upon your realities, your brands, and your products… and when there are none, create them to exist.

For your project, your brand to be embodied by this hint of intangible, attractiveness, in which you commit yourself and from which you build a relationship. That is the challenge: the ability to build a relationship.

The relation consumer-brand is defined by the principle of intimacy: the more the brand is incarnated, the stronger the bond. The human being is a social animal. He keeps emancipating his imagination to be able to express himself, exchange, and transmit. Signs, codes, scriptures, arts… As many deep markers that affect his progress towards future days that he invents every day.


His quest for meaning is inborn and endless. It is a challenge that all brands and all companies must face. The meaning is cultural, historical, political, social, moral, environmental… It is societal and worldwide. Regardless the one of your brand, more than expressed, it must be incarnated.

Your brand must own the properties, the characteristics that have this ability to produce deep meaning, perennial, to be alive. The return to meaning corresponds to the new quest of our societies in crisis.

Far from the nominal figures of success, it becomes the reference point on sincerity and transparency, sharing and altruism, responsibility and commitment… Values that incarnate new aspirations and define the playing rules. Each crisis generates its own antidote: ours awakens vocations and youth grasps them… The youthful spirit. The one that dares, that takes its future by upsetting conventions, dogmas and the certainties to open new routes, generate a new state of mind. One cannot go without meaning. Besides, we should never have!

So, to convince the world, be incarnated.


    To let it speak ! It is irrational. In an uncontrolled way, it’s there… Or not. Impulse of the mind, it is freshness and anticipation.


    Because a drawing is a style of writing… the verb is a spirit’s drawing.


    As there is a time for discovery, there is a time for experience. One must know how to build on these years of analysis of markets, brands and those making use of them.

    Fascinating and endless living treasure of thought, imagination and influences. If we are Internet’s children, we have never loved books as much, museums, exhibitions… history, the great one, and the one of your brands.


    It is a living base, a way of being and behaving. It is making a clear comeback in a world where the virtual, the avatar had become the rule...


    Without forgetting what we know, to discover a brief with a fresh look, without any ideological prejudices. Innocence enables questionning, wonderment and sparks interest.


    A predilection defect! It is mainly a mark of interest and common sense: well managed, it often leads to the good idea. It doesn’t explain nor order itself, it is naturally in us. It feeds all our thinking.